Winter menu

From 26.11.2019 to 28.12.2019 we offer you our winter menu.

Our standard menu with Kässpätzle, Zwiebelrostbraten & Co. will be served 

again from January.



with pesto und croutons 

 4,40 €


with black forest bacon cubes

4,90 €

Beef broth

with Maultaschen (swabian „ravioli“ filled with meat & spinach)

4,40 €

Beef broth

with home-made Flädle (thin, salty pancakes)

 4,10 €


Small side salad

with raw food, leaf lettuce and balsamic dressing

    4,50 €

Seasonal leaf salad

with slices of pear and goat cheese

 10,80 €

Slices of smoked duck

with apple-lentils salad and port wine glace

11,80 €

Main course

Vegetarian pasta

with vegetable bolognese, mediterranean herbs and parmesan flakes

11,80 €

Two vegetarian spinach dumplings

with herbs in a white wine sauce with vegetables

12,80 €

Two fillets of pork

in a creamy mushroom sauce with Spätzle (swabian egg noodles)

15,50 €


(sliced veal in a creamy sauce) with vegetable dices and Rösti (fried grated potatoes)

21,50 €

Swabian Sauerbraten

(braised beef, marinated in vinegar)

with Spätzle (swabian egg noodles)

16,90 €

Dices of beef in a sauce with Lemberger

(local red wine), pepper and croquettes

17,80 €

Two home-made Wildmaultaschen

 (filled with venison and spinache) with a sauce of mountain cheese and moerello cherries

12,80 €

Game goulash with potatoe- & bread dumplings

red cabbage, filled pear and sauce

18,80 €

Roast venison in a sauce of red wine

with Spätzle (swabian egg noodles), hazelnutcrumbs and filled pear

21,50 €

Slices of deer roll in a creamy sauce

with Spätzle (swabian egg noodles) and cowberries

19,80 €


Gingerbread Panna Cotta

with plum sauce and roasted almonds

6,50 €

Parfait of vanilla crescent cookies

with sauce of mulled wine

 7,50 €

Chocolate mousse

with mango-orange salad

 7,50 €

Digestif 2cl

Fruit spirit of Esslingen

mirabelle, cherry, plum, apple oder raspberry

3,40 €

Williams pear brandy with a piece of pear

3,90 €

Grappa di Barolo

3,50 €


2,90 €

Veterano Brandy

2,80 €

We reserve the right to alter the prices in case of the dishes are changed.

A special menue with the 14 major allergene you will get from the service staff.

Von Ende November bis Ende Dezember servieren wir Ihnen unsere ausgewählte Winterspeisekarte. Hier finden Sie aktuell als Beispiel die Karte vom Winter 2019.