English menu


Tomato soup

with croutons


Swabian Kuttelsuppe

(soup made with tripe) with sherry vinegar

 4,10 €


with stripes of Maultaschen (swabian „ravioli“ filled with meat and spinach)


Home-made Flädlesuppe

(broth with thin pancakes)



Small side salad


Large seasonal salad

fresh from the market

 6,90 €

Large seasonal salad

with chicken stripes

10,90 €

Large seasonal salad

with crispy shrimps and garlic sauce

 9,90 €

Goat ́s cheese with green salad

pine nuts, chiliflakes and honey

 8,90 €

Hearty Entrees

Kutteln (tripe) in a sauce made with Trollinger (local red wine)

with fried potatoes

9,90 €


(swabian egg noodle dish with cheese) ​in a creamy sauce and a mixed side salad

10,80 €

Home-made Maultaschen

(Swabian „ravioli“ filled with meat and spinache) with an onion sauce and a mixed side salad

11,80 €


(bread pork cutlet) with French fries and side salat

14,50 €


(bread veal cutlet) with potatoe salad and side salad

19,50 €


(beef fried with onions) with a crusty bread

18,50 €

Zwiebelrostbraten 200/250 gr.

(beef fried with onions) with fried potatoes or Spätzle (swabian egg noodles)

19,50 €

22,50 €

Steak 200/250 gr.

in a creamy sauce with Spätzle (Swabian egg noodles)

19,50 €

22,50 €

Two fillets of pork

in a creamy sauce with Spätzle (Swabian egg noodles)

11,90 €

Three filets of pork

in a cognac or pepper sauce with Spätzle

(Swabian egg noodles)

17,50 €

Lighter Fare

Steak 250 gr.

with coarsely ground pepper, garlic butter and a large salad

26,50 €

Broad noodles

vegetables and a creamy tomatoe sauce

9,80 €

Turkey Schnitzel

butter with chilli and lemon and a side salad

11,50 €

Turkey Schnitzel

in a white wine sauce with vegetables and Rösti (potatoe cake)

12,80 €


Vanilla ice-cream

with chocolat sauce and whipped cream

4,80 €

Apfelküchle (deep-fried apple rings)

with cinnamon sugar, fruit and vanilla ice-cream

5,90 €

Our selection of ice-creams

with or without cream

 3,80 €

Walnut ice-cream

with caramel sauce and cream

4,60 €

Birnenküchle (pear cake)

with ice-cream and fruit sauce


 5,90 €

We reserve the right to alter the prices in the case any of the dishes are changed.

Please ask our staff for a list of allergens to declare.

If you have any allergies or intolerances, we will be glad to make you an individual dish.

Von Ende November bis Ende Dezember servieren wir Ihnen Abends unsere ausgewählte Winterspeisekarte. Diese finden Sie ab Herbst 2019 hier.

From end of November until end of december we have a special menu in the evening.